Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty Freebies! How to get the Best Free Mini Makeovers

I don't know about you, but I can't put cheap makeup on my face. It would be so easy to walk into rite aid and pick up some foundation for .22 (after coupons of course!) but it wouldnt be worth it to me. I'm a make up snob and need the good stuff. I do Mary Kay so I get all my make up crazy cheap. Not everybody wants to do that.

Thats why I'm starting a special mini blog series on the beauty counters! Where and how to get the best free mini makeovers, how to work the counter, the best free facials, samples and birthday freebies!

Here's how to get the best free mini makeovers!

Estee Lauder

Request any of the brand's Signature Services, five minute applications of makeup or skin care. (Go to and click on looks and tips to see some examples) You'll be surprised how much consultants can pack into a session. Apparently, the 5-Step Face is a must.

Bobbie Brown
If you only have a few minutes as for an Instant Pretty session. If you have closer to an hour as for the Pretty Powerful Makeup Lesson, a ten step application that covers everything from basic skin care to finishing touches. There are a total of 8 lessons to choose from.

Go to the bar and as for an Express Service; a 20 minute makeup application done by a sephora associate. Often the consultants will do one half of you face and then let you do the other half. It's the perfect way to experiment with bold satements. For examples of looks, go to

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