Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to make your own laundry detergent

Thanks to Christina Fitzner for this great "recipe"! :)

One great way to save on your laundry is to make your own! It still gets your clothing clean and is typically greener than buying a store brand kind.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Just mix the following:

2 cups Borax( found in almost any grocery store in the laundry section)
2 cups Washing Soda or Oxiclean and Baking Soda(Arm and Hammer has very good, inexpensive washing soda, easily purchased online)
1 bar Laundry Soap, grated (Fels Naptha or Zote)

Use 1T for lighter loads,  2T for bigger loads. No need to use more than that.

Zote is at least twice as big as a Fels Naptha bar, so adjust the recipe for that. and personally if I'm going to make a mess I'd rather double or triple the recipe which still easily fit in the food processor, also I used baking soda AND oxi-clean instead of the washing soda. Oxi-clean is essentially the same thing but with added peroxide* which does add a mild bleaching action, should be "color safe" though. It is also my understanding that baking soda is similar to washing soda but half as alkaline, so using baking soda will give you a gentler blend.

*note don't try and make the liquid recipe behind the link with "oxi clean" because the peroxide will make the whole mess foam.

 Let me know how it goes!

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