Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting Started: Step 2 - Getting Supplies!

After you set a budget, you are ready to buy what you need to organize your coupons! Start with a zip up binder. Three inches, awesome colors about 20 bucks (ouch!). You can find them on amazon. At first I cringed at spending that much on a binder, but it's worth it and I made it back my first shopping trip couponing! You want to make sure it zips because after you organize everything, if you drop it and everything falls out, you might cry (I would!).

 After that you need baseball card organizers, usually about 60 of them. You can get pretty good deals on these on ebay, amazon and at winco in their school supplies section! DONT go to an office store..way too much money.

 I use this to organize my binder. The Krazy Coupon Lady made it and she is one awesome chica! Krazy intense, but also Krazy organized, which I love :D.  

I have a seperate folder for each store I shop, but you may want to start with one store (albertsons is a good place to start) just to get the hang of it.

Now, order yourself a sunday paper or two (see if they will give you a discount for ordering multiples) and start clipping! Look for anything that says SmartSource, Red Plum or P & G. On the next post I'll show you a faster way of clipping and organizing!

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