Friday, December 16, 2011

How I save online: Ebates and Swagbucks

The ONLY way to shop online is through programs like Ebates. Ebates offers you cash back just by stopping at their website first and going through the link they provide. The best part, is groupon is on there (3% back). So you can get a discount on stuff already through groupon and then get cash back through ebates! I just recently got my first check for over $22. Just for doing my regular online shopping. I did such a happy dance when that came in the mail. Its totally safe and all the frugalites take advantage of it because, why not?

Heres the link

or click the pic!

Another SWEET site, is Swagbucks. You just use swagbucks search instead of google or bing and you are randomly awarded swagbucks. You can then cash these in for FREE gift cards. You can also take surveys, a daily poll, play games and watch videos. Everything earns you swagbucks! Its seriously addicting. The surveys earn you the most bang for your buck if you can qualify for one. ex: Im about to order a $25 starbucks giftcard because I take the surveys, do the daily poll, search through swagbucks and play games!
Just click the pic!
Search & Win

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