Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Started: Step Three - Sorting and Clipping like a pro!

Clipping coupons takes a lot of time usually. It's normally a pretty big time investment if you're really going to go for it. But I have a way of sorting and clipping that cuts the time down dramatically.

I just take the inserts apart and stack them! For example, if I have 7 smart source inserts from last week, I lay all the pages of the first one out on the table, each page becoming its own pile, and then seperate the other 6 inserts on top of those. That way you only clip the pages one time! After that I organize them according to my table of contents (hair, beauty, etc) and file!

Another great way to get coupons is from You do have to download a little coupon printer app, but its no big deal and its totally safe. Then you can stack them and clip 5 pages at a time. Dont clip many more than that because you can ruin the pages and it becomes difficult to cut.

And finally, it can be really excited to have a bunch a coupons and keep them just because they might get you a good deal but that doesnt mean you should. For example, I dont clip any pillsbury coupons (even though they are everywhere) because even if I got them for free, its nothing Kyle and I need to be eating. Only clip coupons for things that you will actually use. A good deal is only a good deal if you use the product.

Tomorrow I am going to try to post some deals to look out for next week, but I'm leaving pretty early for a wedding for two dear friends. It may be that if you're just starting, you dont have a huge coupons stash anyway and probably cant get the deals unless you bought the coupons on ebay (which is totally legit and way cool if you need the stuff and its a good deal!) Otherwise, have a great weekend and Happy Almost Christmas!!

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